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Journal articles

  • Power, A (2007) Paper for the Foresight Programme on energy and the built environment: does demolition or refurbishment of old and inefficient homes help to increase our environmental, social and economic viability? Available at

  • Power, A (2007) Key Issues Influencing Planning: How to move forward. 21st Century Society: Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences

  • Power, A (2004) 'Review of 'Bread and circuses' by Jonathan Glancey', International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 28 (4): 491-492.

  • Power, A (2004) 'Reaching the Goal of Sustainable Development'. Public Service Review: Transport, Local Government and the Regions, Summer 2004.

  • Power, A (2004) Review of 'Childhood, Poverty & Social Exclusion' by Tess Ridge' Children, Youth and Environments, 14 (2)

  • Power, A. (2006) 'Green Houses', Public Service Review: Central Government, Issue 13. Wednesday 11th October 2006.

  • Power, A (2006) 'City Living', Public Service Review Issue 8

  • Power, A (2007) 'Cities as an urban jigsaw', Public Service Review, Transport, Local Government and the Regions, Issue 10, June 2007

  • Power, A (2007) 'Smart growth, green belts and the renewal of existing communities Public Service Review

  • Power, A (2007) 'Making Cities Work' Green Places February 2007

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