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CEPR Public Economics Conference on 'New perspectives on consumption measures'

16 December 2016 - 17 December 2016, London

Hosted By: London School of Economics
Sponsored By: Economics Research Center (ERC)
Organizers: Richard William Blundell, Camille Landais, Magne Mogstad and Johannes Spinnewijn.

Friday 16 December 2016

Session 1

Measurement and data sources (I)

Magne Mogstad

"What Can We Learn About Household Consumption From Information on Income, Wealth, and Asset Prices", co-authored with Lasse Eika and Ola Vestad

Discussant: Jósef Sigurdsson

Scott Schuh

"Measuring Consumer Expenditures with Payment Diaries"

Discussant: Joachim Winter

Session 2

Housing wealth

Søren Leth-Petersen

"Is there a Housing Wealth Effect?" co-authored with Henrik Yde Anderson

Discussant: Ethan Ilzetzki

Gianluca Violante

"Non-durable Consumption and Housing Net Worth in the Great Recession: Evidence from Easily Accessible data", co-authored with Greg Kaplan and Kurt Mitman

Discussant: Emi Nakamura

Session 3

Consumption Smoothing

Matt Shapiro

"How Individuals Smooth Spending: Evidence from the 2013 Government Shutdown Using Account Data", co-authored with Michael Gelman, Shachar Kariv, Dan Silverman and Steven Tadelis

Discussant: Erzo Luttmer

Camille Landais & Johannes Spinnewijn

"Unemployment, Consumption Smoothing and the Value of Insurance"

Discussant: Silvana Tenreyro

Saturday 17 December 2016

Session 4

Business Cycle Implications

Jonathan Heathcote

"Wealth and volatility", co-authored with Fabrizio Perri

Discussant: Eric French

Henrik Kleven

"The Effect of House Prices on Household Borrowing: A new approach", co-authored with James Cloyne, Kilian Huber and Ethan Ilzetzki

Discussant: Jón Steinsson

Session 5

Measurement and Data Sources (II)

Thomas Crossley

"Regression with Imputed Dependent variables"

Discussant: Steve Pischke

Session 6

Life-cycle and Network Effects

Kjetil Storesletten

"Optimal Progressivity with Age-Dependent Taxation", co-authored with Jonathan Heathcote and Gianluca Violante

Discussant: Guy Laroque

Luigi Pistaferri

"Consumption Network Effects", co-authored with Giacomo De Giorgi and Anders Fredericksen

Discussant: Laura Feiveson