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10  Mar  2020  

LSE Presents The People Vs Social Sciences

Various Speakers 

In the form of a mock trial, presided over by a ‘judge,’ the prosecution will argue the case on behalf of the people, while the professors will defend their science. The jury (the live audience) will also have the opportunity to question witnesses. The trial will decide whether the social sciences, as an area of research, commentary and investigation has failed society.

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11  Feb  2020  

Pre-LSESU India Forum Event

Nitin Paranjpe (Unilever)

Tuesday 11th February 2020, 5.30pm to 6.30pm, Room CLM.4.02, Clement House, LSE

Organised by the LSESU India Forum and the LSESU Entrepreneurs Society.

Nitin Paranjpe is the Global COO of one of the largest companies in the world - Unilever. In his current position, he is responsible for leveraging synergies, building future capabilities, and accelerating the digitisation of the organisation - exploiting old norms and creating New Norms.

Through his experiences, Mr. Paranjpe can offer immense intuition into how SMEs are considered from the perspective of one of the largest FMCG companies in the world. He also spearheaded Unilever's point of view on Profit Vs. Planet - an idea that is becoming more prominent every year. With Unilever's clear stance, explained by the "warning of selling brands that hurt the planet or society", will come an unparalleled, insightful conversation.

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For further information please contact or call 020 7955 7615.

16  Jan  2020  

South-South and Triangular Trade and Investment for Development

Various Speakers 

Thursday 16th January 2020, 2pm to 3.30pm, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

The rising prominence of South–South and triangular trade and investments has generated interest as a pathway to sustainable economic development.

Bringing together diverse experiences, this exciting panel discussion will consist of academic researchers, industry experts, and development practitioners from the UN and the WTO – to debate the challenges for the practice of South-South and triangular trade and investment programs. There will be a focus on knowledge exchange and technology transfer, and towards developing an inclusive and sustainable approach for South-South development programmes.

The panel will specifically address the question: “What best practice is there for South–South and Triangular trade and investment programmes?”

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For further information please contact or call 020 7955 7615.

19  Sep  2019  

CEPR, STICERD, Marshall Institute and Rustandy Center Joint Conference

Various Speakers 

The London School of Economics (STICERD and Marshall Institute), the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Rustandy Center) and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) invite you to the joint conference on: Economics of Social Sector Organisations (ESSO), Entrepreneurship Economics (ENT), Incentives, Management and Organisation (IMO) on 19-20 September 2019

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