London School of Economics The Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines LSE
The Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)

STICERD Grants: Past recipients

  • Dr F Bastagli (CASE): “A flag of additional vulnerability?”  conditionality non-compliance in Brazil’s Bolsa Familia; £3,366

  • Dr M Birney (International Development): Determinants of local governance: Survey evidence from China; £9,994

  • Prof L Bovens (Philosophy): Common standards, burden sharing and responsiveness in EU asylum policies; £4,988

  • Dr E Coast (Social Policy): Household survey definitions in South Africa; £1,153

  • Dr J Costa-Font (Social Policy): International comparisons of the inequality of Wellbeing using categorical data; £4,963

  • Ms T Desai (RLab): India Data Centre; £4,873

  • Dr S Dhingra (Economics): The UK automotive industry: global crisis and adaptation; £3,933

  • Prof P Dolan (Social Policy): Calendar regularities in the measurement of happiness; £4,504

  • Prof M Ghatak (Economics): Regulating microfinance: theory and policy in light of the Indian crisis; £1,962

  • Dr S Hall (Sociology): Urban exchange: everyday spaces of work, learning and skill; £4,534

  • Dr C Hilber (Geography): On the determinants of housing vacancy rates; £3,894

  • Dr N Holman (Geography): Valuing conservation areas in England; £9,824

  • Dr A Khan (IGC): Surveys of Supply Side Providers in the Livestock Market in Punjab; £5,000

  • Dr T Komarova (Economics): Data disclosure and economic value of privacy; £5,000

  • Dr G Lordan (Social Policy): Losing my religion - assimilation in the United Kingdom; £4,105

  • Dr J Meierhenrich (International Relations): Toward an Anthropology of International Law: The Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court; £5,520

  • Dr I Papanicolas (Social Policy): Perceptions of health needs and health care access: what is their impact on precautionary savings and macroeconomic growth?; £4,800

  • Dr Y Rubinstein (Management): Does entrepreneurship pay?; £5,000

  • Dr W Schelkle (European Institute): The finance-social security nexus; £4,952

  • Dr S Sequeira (International Development): Infrastructure, media and economic development; £4,200

  • Dr M Shami (International Development): Collective actions and hierarchical relationships: Insights from a natural experiment in rural Pakistan; £4,960

  • Dr E Thielemann (Government): Measuring immigration policy - the IMPALA database pilot; £4,991

  • Dr S Vandoros (LSE Health): Switching post-patent expiry; £3,000

  • Dr R Venugopal (International Development): Ex-combatant rehabilitation in Sri Lanka; £2,100

  • Dr H Walker (Anthropology): Healing Ecologies: Images of illness and well-being in Amazonia; £2,497

  • Dr J Wehner (Government): Eurostat amendments to fiscal data; £4,648

  • Dr F-B Wietzke (International Development): Long-term consequences of colonial institutions and human capital investments.  Sub-national evidence from Madagascar and Uganda; £4,401