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Nick Stern to receive SIEPR Prize

Congratulations to Professor Lord Nick Stern is this year's recipient of the SIEPR Prize. He will receive the award during a virtual event recognizing his work and impact on 7 October.

The SIEPR Prize is awarded by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) every other year to a scholar or policymaker who has deeply influenced economic policy.

Mark Duggan, the Trione Director of SIEPR and the Wayne and Jodi Cooperman Professor of Economics at Stanford said that they are delighted to honour Nick Stern with the SIEPR Prize: "His previous work on climate change has been enormously influential in academic, business, and policy circles throughout the world."

photo of Nick Stern during an LSE lecture

"It is a great honor to be awarded this special prize," Nick Stern said. "SIEPR is an outstanding institution and it is privilege to be included amongst the very distinguished previous recipients. Stanford has been an extraordinary leader across so many disciplines, especially economics, and I am delighted to hear of Stanford's new initiative to establish the school of sustainability, recognizing the immense challenges of climate change, and where - again - Stanford will lead."

Find out more from the SIEPR website and from LSE News..
News Posted: 06 July 2020      [Back to the Top]

Open Letter to Boris Johnson to tackle child poverty

An open letter to Boris Johnson was initiated by Kitty Stewart and signed by many academics including other CASE members and associates, Tania Burchardt, Kerris Cooper, John Hills, Abigail McKnight, Polly Vizard, Kate Summers, Susan Harkness and Glen Bramley. The letter appeared on the Independent and is available here.
News Posted: 30 June 2020      [Back to the Top]

BBC Radio 4 interview with Kitty Stewart on child poverty

Kitty Stewart was invited to talk about child poverty on BBC Radio 4. The segment from the radio show is available here (from minute 12:35 onwards).
News Posted: 24 June 2020      [Back to the Top]

LSE Housing and Communities - New Research Project
Mutual Aid Groups and community responses to COVID-19


LSE Housing and Communities has a long-standing interest in the role of mutual aid and self-help groups in developing responses to community problems. Since the start of the lockdown, 10 million people have volunteered to help in their communities and thousands of mutual aid groups have been created across the UK.

LSE Housing and Communities are currently carrying out a piece of research exploring these community responses to COVID-19 and are keen to capture the work that is being done.

We want to answer three key research questions:

  1. What drives the rapid development of voluntary neighbourhood and street 'Mutual Aid' groups, forming to support vulnerable, sick, and elderly "socially isolated" people in the current health emergency?
  2. What forms of help are more prominent in this emerging movement?
  3. How can the emergence of neighbourhood support groups help inform the government’s policy development to combat the worst effects of COVID-19?

We are in the process of contacting groups from across the country and carrying out telephone interviews with key organisers, volunteers and the people they are helping. We want to understand what motivates these people to help, how they groups were formed and what practical actions they are taking to help people in the community.

We will also be holding an online knowledge-exchange workshop for mutual aid groups to share their ideas and experiences. The research will help us understand the crucial role of community in the pandemic and what lessons can be learnt going forward.

This research is supported by the LSE's COVID-19 Response Fund and the Marshall Institute as part of its response to the COVID-19 crisis.

News Posted: 08 June 2020      [Back to the Top]