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IZA Research Programme: Jobs, Gender and Poverty

Professor Oriana Bandiera, Director of STICERD, will direct a new research initiative on gender, jobs and poverty. The programme (G2LM|LIC), sponsored by DFID and managed by IZA, has a budget of over £10million over 5 years. It will fund innovative research proposals on the link between jobs and poverty, gender specific barriers and the growth implications of improving the allocation of talent in low income settings.

The programme marks the extension of the successful IZA/DFID cooperation, which started as the Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries (GLM|LIC) programme in 2011. The programme marks the extension of the successful IZA/DFID cooperation, which started as the Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries (GLM|LIC) programme in 2011.

On Wednesday 19 June 2019 the initiative will be launched with an inaugural workshop held at the LSE, with presentations by several leading scholars and a panel discussion. Find out more from the IZA Conference website.

You can view the programme here. To sign up, please visit Jobs, Gender and Poverty - IZA/DFID G2LM|LIC Launch Workshop.

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Oriana Bandiera

The Yrjo Jahnsson award
The award is given to the best European economist under 45. This year, Oriana Bandiera of LSE and director of STICERD and Imran Rasul of UCL share the prize. They talk to Tim Phillips about their work, and #whateconomistsreallydo.

Listen to the podcast here.

News Posted: 31 May 2019      [Back to the Top]

VOX CEPR Policy Portal
Camille Landais

The cost of kids
Women earn less than men after they start a family. Can better policies close the gap? Camille Landais of LSE tells Tim Phillips about new research comparing six countries.

Camille Landais interviewed by Tim Phillips for VoxTalks.

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Professor Tim Besley joins the panel of the IFS Deaton Review

Professor Tim Besley, Professor of Economics and Political Science & W Arthur Lewis Professor of Development Economics, has joined the panel of the newly launched IFS Deaton Reviw of Inequalities.

The IFS Deaton Review: Inequalities in the 21st Century is an ambitious five-year project, initiated by IFS and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

With the Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Angus Deaton in the chair, the panel overseeing the project includes world-leading experts in sociology, demography, epidemiology, political science, philosophy and economics.

To give a sense of the breadth and ambition of the project, the themes to be covered here will include: which inequalities matter and why they matter; people's attitudes towards inequality; their experiences of inequality; the political economy of inequality; the history of inequality; trends in economic inequalities; intergenerational inequalities; health inequalities; geographical inequalities; gender; race and ethnicity; immigration; early child development; education systems; families; social mobility; trade and globalisation; productivity, growth and innovation; labour markets; tax policy; and welfare policy.

To find out more, please visit the IFS website.

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