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Econometrics Paper
Edgeworth Expansions for Spectral Density Estimates and Studentized Sample Mean - (Now published in 'Economic Theory', 17 (2001), pp.497-539.
Peter M Robinson and Carlos Velasco May 2000
Paper No' EM/2000/390:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: edgeworth expansions; nonparametric spectral estimates; stationary gaussian series; studentized sample mean; bandwidth choice.

We establish valid Edgeworth expansions for the distribution of smoothed nonparametric spectral estimates, and of studentized versions of linear statistics such as the same mean, where the studentization employs such a nonparametric spectral estimate. Particular attention is paid to the spectral estimate at zero frequency and, correspondingly, the studentized sample mean, to reflect econometric interest in autocorrelation-consistent or long-run variance estimation. Our main focus is on stationary Gaussian series, though we discuss relaxation of the Gaussianity assumption. Only smoothness conditions on the spectral density that are local to the frequency of interest are imposed. We deduce empirical expansions from our Edgeworth expansions designed to improve on the normal approximation in practice, and also a feasible rule of bandwidth choice.