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International Studies Paper
William Adams and Early English Enterprise in Japan
Anthony Farrington and Derek Massarella
July 2000
Paper No' IS/2000/394:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: williams adams; miura anjin; the english factory; hirado; japan; east india company.

(Massarella paper): The William Adams story has been told many times, but not completely. This paper corrects matters of fact and revises matters of interpretation. It adds new information about Adams the man and examines the fabrication of the myth of William Adams or Miura Anjin that has developed since the late nineteenth century. (Farrington paper): The English factory at Hirado, Japan, which lasted from 1613 to 1623 was established in the hope of increasing East India Company trade with China and Ayuthaya, Thailand. Out of 7 voyages, only 4 reached destination; and the factory was wound up as a commercial failure.