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International Studies Paper
Studies in the Anglo-Japanese Alliance (1902-1923)
Gordon Daniels, Janet Hunter, Ian Nish and David Steeds
January 2003
Paper No' IS/2003/443:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: british trade; first world war; british overseas investment; anglo-japanese tariff agreement; takahashi; japanese immigration; british press; cartoons; illustrations; trade relations; american hegemony; open door in china; washington conference (1921); paris peace conference (1919); china; korea; russia; league of nations.

Daniels examined British media views of Japan by sampling local and national dailies, with emphasis on The Times and The Economist and magazines like Punch, The Graphic and The Illustrated London News. While the metropolitan papers were broadly supportive, some provincial journalists, favouring free trade, were critical of Japan and the alliance.