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International Studies Paper
The Korean Armistice of 1953 and its Consequences - Part I
Gordon Daniels and James Hoare
February 2004
Paper No' IS/2004/467:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: korea; korean war; 1950; korean armistice; commemoration; britain; japan; china; newspapers; museums; monuments.

Hoare: Both North and South Korea claim victory in the Korean War. Yet neither makes much of the ending of the war in July 1953, and both have had problems coming to terms with the reality of the war. The reality is that both suffered so much in a conflict that achieved little that formal celebrations seem inappropriate. Daniels: The outbreak of the Korean war in 1950 and the ferocious fighting which took place affected Britain, whose army took part in the war. This essay records the different shades of opinion expressed in its various newspapers/journals.