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Japanese Studies Programme Paper
Earnings Quality, Accruals and Subjective Goodwill Accounting
Yuko Katsuo
April 2008
Paper No' JS526:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: accounting accruals; earnings quality; subjective goodwill; income measurement; allocation problem; value relevance; managerialdiscretion.

This paper analyses accounting accruals that may relate to earnings quality and its information content. The characteristics specifying earning quality are discussed according to research surveys of earnings quality. These are compared with the characteristics of accounting income specified by the concept of ‘released from risks’ in ASBJ (2006). In this context, the conversion process of subjective goodwill, which is related to the allocation problem in accounting income and its relation to earnings quality, is focussed upon. The allocation problem is examined by clarifying the conversion process of subjective goodwill, and by highlighting the portion of the allocation error that reflects managerial discretion.