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Econometrics Paper
Testing for equality of an increasing number of spectral density functions
Javier Hidalgo, Pedro Souza and Pedro Souza
June 2013
Paper No' EM/2013/563:
Full Paper (pdf)

Nowadays it is very frequent that a practitioner faces the problem of modelling large data sets. Relevant examples include spatio-temporal or panel data models with large N and T. In these cases deciding a particular dynamic model for each individual/population, which plays a crucial role in prediction and inferences, can be a very onerous and complex task. The aim of this paper is thus to examine a nonparametric test for the equality of the linear dynamic models as the number of individuals increases without bound. The test has two main features: (a) there is no need to choose any bandwidth parameter and (b) the asymptotic distribution of the test is a normal random variable.