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Econometrics Paper
Empirical likelihood for high frequency data
Lorenzo Camponovo, Yukitoshi Matsushita and Taisuke Otsu
February 2017
Paper No' EM 591:
Full Paper (pdf)

JEL Classification: C12; C14; C58

Tags: high frequency data; volatility; empirical likelihood

With increasing availability of high frequency financial data as a background, various volatility measures and related statistical theory are developed in the recent literature. This paper introduces the method of empirical likelihood to conduct statistical inference on the volatility measures under high frequency data environments. We propose a modified empirical likelihood statistic that is asymptotically pivotal under the infill asymptotics, where the number of high frequency observations in a fixed time interval increases to infinity. Our empirical likelihood approach is extended to be robust to the presence of jumps and microstructure noise. We also provide an empirical likelihood test to detect presence of jumps. Furthermore, we establish Bartlett correction, a higher-order refinement, for a general nonparametric likelihood statistic. Simulation and a real data example illustrate the usefulness of our approach.