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SUMMARY Living on Different Incomes in London: Can public consensus identify a 'riches line'?
Tania Burchardt, Abigail Davis, Ian Gough, Katharina Hecht, Donald Hirsch, Karen Rowlingson and Kate Summers February 2020
Paper No' CASEreport 127 Summary:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: income; wealth; rich; inequality; poverty

There is widespread public and political concern about economic inequality in the UK today but relatively little research exploring people’s opinions about high incomes, wealth and what it means to be rich. This innovative study aimed to explore what members of the public with lower and higher incomes living in London think defines higher living standards and whether there is a point at which financial resources (income and wealth) are excessive or undesirable for society. London was chosen as the location for the study because economic inequality is particularly pronounced and plainly visible in the capital.