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Development Discussion Paper
Can Market Failure Cause Political Failure? Madhav S, Aney, Maitreesh Ghatak and Massimo Morelli
July 2011
Paper No' EOPP 029:
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JEL Classification: O12, O16, O17

Tags: occupational choice; adverse selection; property rights; asset liquidation; political failure; market failure.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Strategic Liquidity Supply and Security Design Bruno Biais and Thomas Mariotti
January 2003
Paper No' TE/2003/445:
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Tags: security design; liquidity; mechanism design; adverse selection; financial markets imperfections.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Credit Rationing, Wealth Inequality, and Allocation of Talent Maitreesh Ghatak, Massimo Morelli and Tomas Sjostrom
October 2002
Paper No' TE/2002/441:
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Tags: occupational choice; adverse selection; wealth distribution; credit rationing.