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Income Mobility in Old Age in Britain and Germany Asghar Zaidi, Joachim R. Frick and Felix Büchel
December 2004
Paper No' CASE 089:
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Tags: income mobility; old age; pensions; britain and germany

International Studies Paper
The Korean Armistice of 1953 and its Consequences - Part I Gordon Daniels and James Hoare
February 2004
Paper No' IS/2004/467:
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Tags: korea; korean war; 1950; korean armistice; commemoration; britain; japan; china; newspapers; museums; monuments.

International Studies Paper
The Iwakura Mission in Britain, 1872 John Breen, Oliver Checkland, Andrew Cobbing and Akiko Ohta
March 1998
Paper No' IS/1998/349:
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Tags: iwakura misson; victorian london; kume kunitake; iwakura tomomi; ito hirobumi; education; industry; exports; religion; kairan jikki chronicle; meiji government; unequal treaties; embassy; 1872; britain; japan; america.

International Studies Paper
The British Commonwealth and its Contribution to the Occupation of Japan, 1945-8 W G Beasley, Sir Hugh Cortazzi, Bruce Kirkpatrick, T B Millar and edited by Ian Nish July 1991
Paper No' IS/1991/227:
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Tags: british commonwealth; occupation; japan; britain; australia.