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Development Discussion Paper
Can Workfare Programs Moderate Violence? Evidence from India Thiemo Fetzer
June 2014
Paper No' EOPP 053:
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JEL Classification: D74; Q34; J65

Tags: social insurance; conflict; india; insurgency

Development Discussion Paper
The Legacy of Historical Conflict Evidence from Africa Timothy Besley and Marta Reynal-Querol
February 2012
Paper No' EOPP 036:
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JEL Classification: N47, O43, O55

Tags: conflict; trust; identity

Development Discussion Paper
Nation-Building and Conflict in Modern Africa Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and Elliott Green
June 2011
Paper No' EOPP 026:
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Tags: conflict; nation building; africa; sub-saharan africa

Development Discussion Paper
Soldiers or Bureaucrats? Conflict and the Military’s Role in Policy-Making Gabriel Leon
July 2009
Paper No' EOPP 012:
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JEL Classification: O38; O17; H11; H56; D72

Tags: institutions; conflict; political economy; military; war; coups

Development Discussion Paper
Estimating the Peace Dividend: The Impact of Violence on House Prices in Northern Ireland Timothy Besley and Hannes Mueller
May 2009
Paper No' EOPP 011:
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JEL Classification: D74; 016; P16

Tags: peace dividend; northern ireland; conflict; housing price; markov chain

Development Economics Paper
The Role of Freedom, Growth and Religion in the Taste for Revolution Robert MacCulloch and Silvia Pezzini
September 2002
Paper No' DEDPS 36:
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Tags: conflict; freedom; development; growth; religion.

DARP Paper
Public Pension Reform, Demographics ,and Inequality Robert K von Weizsäcker
June 1995
Paper No' DARP 011:
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Tags: income distribution; population ageing; old-age insurance reform; fiscal-demographic policy conflicts; social policy design.