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Development Discussion Paper
A Better Life for All? Democratization and Electrification in Post-Apartheid South Africa Verena Kroth, Valentino Larcinese and Joachim Wehner March 2016
Paper No' EOPP 060:
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Tags: democracy; distributive politics; electricity; south africa

Development Economics Paper
Making Autocracy Work Timothy Besley and Masayuki Kudamatsu
May 2007
Paper No' DEDPS 48:
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JEL Classification: P16; P26

Tags: keywords: dictatorship; democracy

Political Economy and Public Policy Paper
The Effect of Direct Democracy on Income Redistribution: Evidence for Switzerland Lars P. Feld, Justina A.V. Fischer and Gebhard Kirchgässner October 2006
Paper No' PEPP 23:
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JEL Classification: D7; D78; I30; H75; H11

Tags: income redistribution; direct democracy; referenda; initiatives.

Development Economics Paper
Democracy and Education Spending: Has Africa's Move to Multiparty Elections Made a Difference to Policy? David Stasavage
February 2003
Paper No' DEDPS 37:
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JEL Classification: H52; I28; O11

Tags: primary education; political economy; democracy; electoral competition.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Endogenous Lobbying Leonardo Felli and Antonio Merlo
February 2003
Paper No' TE/2003/448:
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Tags: endogenous lobbying; citizen-candidate model; representative democracy.