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Transforming Cities across Europe: An interim report on problems and progress A report on the problems of industrial decline, unemployment and the progress and recovery of seven ‘Phoenix’ cities across Europe Leipzig, Sheffield, Bilbao, Torino, Belfast, Saint Etienne, and Bremen Anne Power, Jorg Ploger and Astrid Winkler
March 2008
Paper No' CASEreport 049:
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Tags: cities; urban; decline; industry; unemployment; regeneration; leipzig; sheffield; bilbao; torino; belfast; saint etienne; bremen

Economics of Industry Paper
Optimal Corporation Tax: An I.O. Approach Luca Colombo, Paola Labrecciosa and Patrick Paul Walsh
February 2006
Paper No' EI 42:
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JEL Classification: H25; L52.

Tags: effective corporation tax rate; industry sunk costs; industry concentration.

Economics of Industry Paper
DIFFERENTIAL MERGER EFFECTS: The Case of the Personal Computer Industry Christos Genakos
December 2004
Paper No' EI 39:
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JEL Classification: D12; G34; L41; L63

Tags: computer industry; discrete choice models; merger analysis; product differentiation; random coefficients.

Economics of Industry Paper
Market Share Dynamics and the ‘Persistence of Leadership’ Debate John Sutton
January 2004
Paper No' EI 37:
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JEL Classification: L10; L60

Tags: market share; industry dynamics; scaling; japanese economy

Economics of Industry Paper
Submarkets, Shakeouts and Industry Life-Cycle Jian Tong
November 2000
Paper No' EI 26:
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Tags: industry life-cycle; industrial growth; submarkets; shake-outs

International Studies Paper
The Iwakura Mission in Britain, 1872 John Breen, Oliver Checkland, Andrew Cobbing and Akiko Ohta
March 1998
Paper No' IS/1998/349:
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Tags: iwakura misson; victorian london; kume kunitake; iwakura tomomi; ito hirobumi; education; industry; exports; religion; kairan jikki chronicle; meiji government; unequal treaties; embassy; 1872; britain; japan; america.

Economics of Industry Paper
Underinvestment and Market Structure Volker Nocke
February 1998
Paper No' EI 22:
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Tags: dynamic games; investment; collusion; industry structure