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Does money in adulthood affect adult outcomes? Kerris Cooper and Kitty Stewart
December 2015
Paper No' CASEreport 096:
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JEL Classification: I30; I31;I32

Tags: money; poverty; health; adult; wellbeing

Does money affect children's outcomes? This report examines whether money has a causal impact on children’s outcomes. There is abundant evidence that children growing up in lower income households do less well than their peers on a range of wider outcomes, including measures of health and education. But is money important in itself, or do these associations simply reflect other differences between richer and poorer households, such as levels of parental education or attitudes towards parenting? Kerris Cooper and Kitty Stewart
October 2013
Paper No' CASEreport 080:
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Tags: children; money; education

This paper has been published as:
This paper is published as a Joseph Rowntree Report.
Econometrics Paper
The Modelling and Seasonal Adjustment of Weekly Observations - (Now published in 'Journal of Business and Economic Statistics', 15 (1997), pp.354-368.) Andrew C Harvey, Siem Jan Koopman and Marco Riani  1995
Paper No' EM/1995/284:
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Tags: structural time series model; seasonal adjustment; trend extraction; filtering and smoothin algorithms; money supply.