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Development Discussion Paper
The Reversal of Fortune Thesis Reconsidered Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and Elliott Green
April 2010
Paper No' EOPP 016:
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Tags: income distribution; population density; reversal of fortune; urbanization.

Development Economics Paper
Inequality, Unemployment and Contemporary Europe Amartya Sen
November 1997
Paper No' DEDPS 07:
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Tags: unemployment; individuality; social exclusion; ageging population; self-help; social responsibility.

Development Economics Paper
The Economics of Food Partha Dasgupta
July 1997
Paper No' DEDPS 04:
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Tags: food composition; environmental resources; photosynthesis; future population; undernourishment; poverty traps; world hunger; property rights.

DARP Paper
Public Pension Reform, Demographics ,and Inequality Robert K von Weizsäcker
June 1995
Paper No' DARP 011:
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Tags: income distribution; population ageing; old-age insurance reform; fiscal-demographic policy conflicts; social policy design.

Japanese Studies Programme Paper
Education in Japan and England: A Personal View Rachel Hall
January 1987
Paper No' JS/1987/158:
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Tags: education; japan; england; schooling; population; economic benefits.