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Theoretical Economics Paper
Firm-Specific Training Leonardo Felli and Christopher Harris
April 2004
Paper No' TE/2004/473:
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Tags: firm-specific training; productivity enhancement; employee evaluation; firm-specific human capital.

Economics of Industry Paper
Research Productivity and Patent Quality: Measurement with Multiple Indicators Jean Olson Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
December 2002
Paper No' EI 32:
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Tags: patents; r&d productivity; technological exhaustion.

United Kingdom Education 1997-2001 Howard Glennerster
November 2001
Paper No' CASE 050:
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Tags: education productivity; higher education finance; labour education policy

This paper has been published as:
'United Kingdom Education 1997-2001', Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 18(2), July 2002
Economics of Industry Paper
Optimal Patent Renewals Francesca Cornelli and Mark Schankerman
January 1996
Paper No' EI 13:
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Tags: patents; renewal fees; r&d; welfare gains; productivity; firms.

Economics of Industry Paper
The Size Distribution of Businesses, Part II John Sutton
December 1995
Paper No' EI 10:
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Tags: productivity; network characteristics; efficiency; airlines degregulation