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The Development Programme fosters theoretical and empirical research into the design, impact and determinants of public policy and organisational change. Key fields include development economics, political economy and public economics. There is strong interest within the group in identifying policies and developing institutions capable both of reducing poverty and enhancing growth.

Programme Director:
Prof Maitreesh Ghatak and Prof Robin Burgess.

Researcher Associates:
Prof Oriana Bandiera;  Prof Timothy Besley;  Dr Gharad Bryan;  Dr Jean-Paul Faguet;  Dr Greg Fischer;  Dr Valentino Larcinese; Dr. Michael Muthukrishna, Dr Gerard Padro i Miquel;  Dr Sandra Sequeira;  Prof Nicholas Stern.

Current Affiliated PhD Students:
Ms Shan Aman-Rana; Mr Michel Azulai;  Ms Clare Balboni; Mr Florian Blum; Mr Shiyu Bo; Mr Weihan Ding;  Mr Milad Khatib-Shahidi;  Mr Luis Martinez; Mr Thomas O'Keeffe;  Ms Sutanuka Roy;  Mr Claudio Schilter;  Mr Roberto Sormani;  Mr Munir Squires; Mr Hiu (Eddy) Tam;  Mr Torsten Walter;  Mr Guo Xu;  Mr Junichi Yamasaki; and Ms Giulia Zane.


Development & Growth Seminar
(Mondays at 16.00-17.30)
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Discussion Papers

The programme publishes the Development Discussion Papers