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Each year, STICERD awards a number of grants to fund research and related events across the School

  1. Dr Julia Boettcher, Dr Peter Allen (Mathematics): Analysing sparse large-scale networks (£5,000)
  2. Professor Richard Bradley (Philosophy), Professor Wulf Gaertner (CPNSS): Burden sharing: An experimental game (£5,200)
  3. Ms Alexia Delfino (Economics): Trust in the city: A lab-in-the-field experiment with smallscale entrepreneurs (£4,705)
  4. Dr Janina Dill (International Relations), Dr Livia Schubiger (Government): Attitudes towards killing in war (£7,760)
  5. Professor Paul Dolan, Dr Dario Krpan (Psychological and Behavioural Science): When the future spills under: Unexpected effects of expected future events on present behaviours (£5,000)
  6. Dr Tasha Fairfield (International Development): Conservative parties and redistribution: The case of Macri's Argentina (£2,910)
  7. Professor Geroge Gaskell (Methodology), Dr Katrin Hohl (City): Improving reliability and validity in the measurement of risk perception (£2,860)
  8. Ms Giulia Giupponi (Economics): The determinants of short-time work take-up and their consequences for policy design (£5,000)
  9. Dr Ryan Jablonski, Mr Johan Ahlback (Government): Strategies of election fraud across the Electoral Cycle (£4,968)
  10. Dr Xavier Jaravel (Economics): Inflation inequality and product innovations (£5,000)
  11. Professor Valentino Larcinese (Government): Coordination without the party: An analysis of roll call votes in the Italian parliament (18611924) (£5,000)
  12. Dr N Lee (Geography): Socio-institutions and local economic performance: Evidence from twitter (£4,418)
  13. Dr Thomas Leeper, Professor Sara Hobolt (Government): Preferences for public resource allocation in post-brexit Britain (£4,920)
  14. Dr Matthew Levy, Dr Pasquale Schiraldi (Economics): Identification of intertemporal preferences from smoking purchases (£3,900)
  15. Dr Joanna Lewis (International History): Pathways to resilience: The role of an urban diaspora in post-conflict reconstruction - case study London and Hargeisa, 1991-present (£8,000)
  16. Dr Joana Naritomi (International Development), Dr Fernanda Brollo (Warwick), Dr Thiemo Fetzer (Warwick), Dr Samuel Marden (Sussex): Birth of a region: Decentralisation and local state capacity (£4,985)