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The Economic Theory Group's main activity is the organisation and running of the Economic Theory Seminars, which are held weekly during term-time. Researchers from around the world present papers in this internationally recognised series. Topics discussed have included decision theory, mechanism design, behavioural economics, political economy and game theory. The programme also runs a student seminar workshop/surgery in which students' work is presented and discussed. The Theory Group also runs a weekly reading group for faculty and students. 

Programme Director: Prof  Balázs Szentes

Co-Directors: Dr Erik Eyster, Prof Gilat Levy, Dr Francesco Nava, and Prof Ronny Razin.

Research Associates: Dr Amil Dasgupta; Dr Margaret Bray; Dr Andrew Ellis; Prof Leonardo Felli; Prof Maitreesh Ghatak;  Prof Olivier Gossner; Prof John Hardman Moore; Prof Philipp Kircher; Dr Kristof Madarasz; Dr Thomas Mariotti; Prof Michele Piccione; Prof Andrea Prat; Dr Johannes Spinnewijn; and Prof Bernhard von Stengel.

Affiliated PhD Students: Mr Pedro Alves; Mr Albert Brue-Perez; Mr Giampaolo Caramellino; Miss Alexia Delfino; Mr Miguel Espinosa; Mr Krittanai Laohakunakorn; Mr Yu-Hsiang Lei; Mr Clement Minaudier; Mr Marcus Roel; Mr Manuel Staab; Mr Konstantinos Tokis; Miss Chutiorn Tontivanichanon; and Miss Lisa Windsteiger.


Seminars and workshops

Sticerd  Economic Theory Seminar
(Thursdays 16:00- 17:30)
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PhD Workshop    

Economic Theory Reading Group    

Discussion Papers

The programme publishes the Theoretical Economics Papers Series