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Staff Biography

[Photo: Bert Provan] Dr Bert PROVAN
CASE Knowledge Broker and Associate, Visiting lecturer Social Policy department, LSE

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6872
STICERD ,  32L 3.36 C

Research Interests:
  • Urban regeneration and poverty reduction in the UK, France and the wider EU
  • Energy efficiency, the green economy and their role within city renewal
  • Housing and homelessness, particularly in the context of current welfare benefit changes
  • Knowledge management and research impact
Current Research Projects:
  • Impact of welfare reform on social housing tenants and local communities
  • Post economic crisis city recovery plans in France
  • Social impact of urban renewal
  • Energy efficiency in UK social housing landlords
Selected Publications: STICERD/CASE Publications:
  • Moving on without moving out: the impacts of regeneration on the Rayners Lane Estate
    Alice Belotti, Anne Power, Bert Provan, May 2016
    Paper No' CASEreport 100: Full paper (pdf)

  • Housing for Victims of Miscarriages of Justice. Report for Commonweal Housing.
    Bert Provan, December 2015
    Paper No' CASEreport 97: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
    Paper copy now out of print.

  • Is Welfare Reform Working? Impacts on working age tenants
    Eileen Herden, Anne Power, Bert Provan, March 2015
    Paper No' CASEreport 90: Read Abstract | Paper 1 (pdf) | Paper 2 (pdf) | Paper 3 (pdf)

  • Energy Plus: Energy Efficiency in Social Housing
    Anne Marie Brady, Bert Provan, March 2015
    Paper No' CASEreport 89: Full paper (pdf)

  • Bridging the Gap: The Haringey Support Fund
    Alice Belotti, Laura Lane, Anne Power, Bert Provan, March 2015
    Paper No' CASEreport 87: Full paper (pdf)

  • High Rise Hope Revisited: The social implications of upgrading large estates
    Laura Lane, Anne Power, Bert Provan, October 2014
    Paper No' CASEreport 85: Full paper (pdf)

  • Work and Welfare Reform: Impacts in the South West
    Eileen Herden, Anne Power, Bert Provan, March 2014
    Paper No' CASEreport 81: Read Abstract | Paper 1 (pdf) | Paper 2 (pdf)

  • Lille City Report
    Celine Kuklowsky, Bert Provan, November 2011
    Paper No' CASEreport 71: Full paper (pdf)
    Paper copy now out of print.

  • Report to Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture on progress in France’s former industrial cities
    Celine Kuklowsky, Bert Provan, October 2011
    Paper No' CASEreport 70: Full paper (pdf)
    Paper copy now out of print.