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Past CASE Special Events

28 June 2011
LSE Housing Special Event - Breakfast Seminar: Community Assets and the Big Society - who carries the cost?
Many ideas about the 'Big Society' originate from the 19th Century when co-operatives, friendly societies and mutual aid were the survival strategies of the poor, underpinning families and communities in the face of harsh social conditions. In the current policy debates about how to compensate for essential cuts in public spending to reduce the current deficit, the 'Big Society' is supposed to help create stronger communities that can do more to help themselves without first turning to the state for help. In the 'Big Society', communities know how to organise local events and services, they are involved in running local schools, building and managing housing, raising funds for local causes and helping with children, families and young people in need of friendly, caring contact and support. This workshop will examine what mobilises communities to achieve social goals, looking at the critical roles of entrepreneurship, volunteering, co-operation and government.
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16 March 2010
LSE Housing, LSE Cities and Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lecture, Debate and Book Launch Phoenix Cities - surviving financial, social and environmental turmoil in Europe and the US?
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16 February 2010
Social Policy and CASE public lecture: How rich are the baby boomers and how poor are their children?
10 December 2008
Can Existing Homes and Communities halve their CO2 Emissions? Learning from Germany's Experience
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22 November 2007
Book launch: City Survivors: Bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods
Anne Power will launch her new publication City Survivors with a seminar at LSE. Seen through the eyes of parents, mainly mothers, City Survivors tells the eye-opening story of what it is like to bring up children in troubled city neighbourhoods. This event is free but booking essential.
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06 December 2006
ESRC Seminar Series on Social Justice and Public Policy
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04 October 2006
Making Social Policy Work
An Event To Celebrate The 70Th Birthday Of Howard Glennerster
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21 July 2006
Book Launch
What Children Need - by Dr. Jane Waldfogel
18 July 2006
Family Background and Child Development:The Emerging Story
07 December 2004
Housing in the Thames Gateway: national park or suburban sprawl?
A half day seminar organised by LSE Housing and the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)
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21 October 2004
Book Launch
Inequality and the State - by John Hills
13 September 2004
UN Habitat World Urban Forum II, Barcelona
Networking event: Sustainable Communities and the Future Shape of Cities
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12 July 2004
ASEF/Alliance Asia - Europe Annual Workshop Series 2003/04
Enabling Role of the Public Sector in Urban Housing and Regeneration:Converging and Diverging Experiences in Asia and Europe
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23 September 2003
Book Launch
Motivation, Agency and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens - by Julian Le Grand
24 June 2003
CASE and LSE Housing Public Lecture
The Roots of Racial Tensions: Urban Ethnic Neighbourhoods - by William Julius Wilson
15 January 2003
Social Exclusion and Big Cities - The Birmingham experience - with Professor Anne Power
29 October 2002
CASE/LSE Housing/Cities Programme Seminar
City Housing Problems in the US and UK