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Report launch event: Building up the data infrastructure on missing and invisible
children: findings from four exemplar groups.

Friday 2nd March, 10:00 - 13:00 (Coffee on arrival from 9.45am)
The London School of Economics and Political Science, Room 1.04 (32L)

This event will present an overview of findings from the project, Child poverty and multidimensional disadvantage: tackling “data exclusion” and extending the evidence base on “missing” and “invisible” children. Further details are contained in the event programme (pdf).

This Nuffield Foundation funded project focussed on tackling “data exclusion” through secondary data analysis. It aimed to illustrate the progress that can be made by exploiting new opportunities for analysis made possible by new social survey questions and administrative datasets and through the development and application of techniques such as data pooling, data linking and intersectional analysis. The project has built up new evidence on income poverty and multidimensional deprivation covering four groups of children that are affected by the phenomenon of ‘data exclusion’: young carers, children from the Gypsy, Traveller or Roma ethnic minority group, children with a migrant family background, and children at risk of abuse and neglect.

The team will present an overview of findings from the project as a whole, summarise in depth findings from each of the project workstreams and set out recommendations looking forward.

Please email to register your attendance at this event.

News Posted: 12 February 2018      [Back to the Top]

New CASE research programme:
Social policies and distributional outcomes in a changing Britain

'Social policies and distributional outcomes in a changing Britain' ("SPDO") is a major new research programme being undertaken by a team of inequalities and social policy experts at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the London School of Economics in partnership with research teams at University of Manchester, Heriot Watt University and UCL Institute for Education. The research programme is funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and will be overseen by an independent Advisory Board chaired by Dame Frances Cairncross.

For more information or to sign up for the SPDO newsletter, please visit see the Social policies and distributional outcomes in a changing Britain website

News Posted: 11 January 2018      [Back to the Top]

LSE IQ podcast
Why is social mobility declining?

The December episode of LSE IQ podcast is now out, asking Why is social mobility declining?

Climbing the social ladder by entering an elite profession or earning lots of money is something that many of us aspire to. Yet in Britain today, how far you will progress largely depends on how well your parents did. Younger people are also facing the very real prospect of achieving less than their parents. Why is this happening?

Helping to answer the question are: Professor Mike Savage, co-director of LSE's International Inequalities Institute, Dr Abigail McKnight, associate director of LSE's Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion and Dr Sam Friedman of LSE's Department of Sociology.

Listen to the podcast via Soundcloud:

See related work:

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Preliminary research findings:
Material deprivation and intra-household allocation of resources across Europe


Project researchers Dr Tania Burchardt and Eleni Karagiannaki will be attending several events during 2018. Tania recently presented at Oxford Department of Social Policy and Intervention, where she spent Michaelmas term 2017 and Lent term 2019 as an Academic Visitor.


The presentation slides from this seminar are available here (pdf) (please note: these are preliminary results not for quotation)


There are three forthcoming events so far in 2018 to dissemination early findings from this project:

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