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Aspects of the Allied Occupation of Japan, Part II

Susie Harries,  edited by Ian Nish,  L. van Poelgeest,   1991
Paper No' IS/1991/229:
Paper copy now out of print.


This pamphlet contains two papers given at the Suntory-Toyota International Centre, the first at the symposium held on 5 July 1991 (other papers were issued in IS/91/227), and the second at the symposium on 22 May 1990 (whose papers were issued as pamphlet IS/90/219). Mrs Harries is the joint author with her husband of Sheathing the Sword: The Demilitarisation of Japan (Hamish Hamilton, London 1987). Mr van Poelgeest is the author of Nederland en het Tribunal van Tokio (Gouda Quint, B.V., Arnhem, 1989). He contributed an earlier paper on 'Dr Rölling, Shigemitsu and the International Military Tribunal for the Far East' to STICERD pamphlet IS/90/219.