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Japan: State and People in the Twentieth Century - Papers presented at the STICERD 20th Anniversary Symposium in July 1998

Sheldon Garon,  edited by Janet Hunter,  Barbara Molony,  Werner Pascha,  Ben-Ami Shillony,  March 1999
Paper No' JS/1999/368: Full paper (pdf)
Tags: japan; religion; emperor; women; saving; federalism


The four papers and comments in this volume deal with different aspects of the relationship between state and people in twentieth century Japan. Ben-Ami Shillony's paper is concerned with religious aspects of this relationship, in particular concerning the role of the emperor, while Barbara Molony is concerned with the position of women. Sheldon Garon's paper deals with the state's propaganda to promote saving, while Werner Pascha addresses the broader issue of the position of central government and the possibility of Japan's moving towards more of a federal structure.