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Ian Nish,  July 2011
Paper No' IS/2011/559: Full paper (pdf)
Tags: japanese native village (london; 1880s); anglo-japanese alliance; valentine chirol; ge morrison; jutaro komura; takaaki kato; london school of economics; lafcadio hearn; yoshisaburo okakura; kikuchi dairoku; etsujiro uehara; anglo-japanese commercial treaty of 1911; japan’s high treason trial (1910); times japan supplement; 1910


A major Japan-British Exhibition was held at the White City, Hammersmith, London, for six months in 1910. Its centenary was celebrated at a conference in the Suntory-Toyota Centre in association with the Japan Foundation on 15 June 2010. Specialists in the subject gathered to re-assess the impact it had made on the various cultural and commercial aspects of Anglo-Japanese relations. The conference papers are to be published independently. But this study which deals more broadly with Japanís attempt to improve her status in the international community around this time by influencing journalists, academics and exhibition-goers is being issued separately. The STICERD International Studies series has previously included a discussion paper by Dr Ayako Hotta-Lister on the related theme of ĎThe Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1911í [IS/02/432, April 2002].