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Accounting for cross-country differences in wealth inequality

Frank A Cowell,  Eleni Karagiannaki,  Abigail McKnight,  March 2013
Paper No' CASE/168: Full paper (pdf)
Tags: employment and income; income inequalities; wealth and social mobility; wealth and assets; intergenerational and social mobility; children, families and education; schools and education; poverty, exclusion and equalities; poverty and social exclusion; housing, neighbourhoods and environment; housing; regions and area inequalities; cities; household wealth; wealth inequality; debt; housing assets; educational loans; age-wealth profiles; decomposition


This paper adopts a counterfactual decomposition analysis to analyse cross-country differences in the size of household wealth and levels of household wealth inequality. The findings of the paper suggest that the biggest share of cross-country differences is not due to differences in the distribution of household demographic and economic characteristics but rather reflect strong unobserved country effects.