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Work and Welfare Reform: Impacts in the South West

Anne Power,  Bert Provan,  Eileen Herden,  March 2014
Paper No' CASEreport 81: Full paper (pdf) | Executive Summary (pdf)


In 2013, members of HAILO commissioned the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to conduct an 18 month longitudinal study looking at how the governmentís welfare reform programme will influence tenantsí work opportunities throughout the South West region. Recent welfare reforms are intended to encourage benefitdependent households to become more self-reliant, find and hold down work and take up training opportunities. HAILO has commissioned this research to look at whether the governmentís policies are delivering the expected outcomes, and what we as affordable landlords can do to support our residents.

The research will provide HAILO members with independent and respected empirical evidence of whatís working and what is not. This will enable HAILO to demonstrate to Government the adjustments needed in order to ensure that reforms truly lead to fulfilling employment for those who can work, while providing a fairer system for those who canít.