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The Changing Anatomy of Economic Inequality in London (2007-2013)

Polly Vizard,  Polina Obolenskaya,  Eleni Karagiannaki,  Jack Cunliffe,  Stephanie Thomson,  Chris Grollman,  Ruth Lupton,  March 2015
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Tags: regions and area inequalities; london; social policy; income poverty; umbr; inner london; outer london; wealth inequality; poverty; exclusion and equalities; equality; capabilities and human rights; social policy; socio-economic inequalities; earnings inequality; educational inequalities; wealth inequality; income; employment;


In this report we examine changing patterns of inequality in London over the period 2007-2013. We examine how the distribution of key economic outcomes - including income and wealth, employment and unemployment, earnings and wages, and educational qualifications - have changed amongst different population groups. Trends in inequality in London over this period are compared to trends in the rest of the country.