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Moving the Goal Posts: Poverty And Access To Sport For Young People

Gwenno Edwards,  Ben Grubb,  Anne Power,  Nicola Serle,  December 2015
Paper No' CASEreport 95: Full paper (pdf) | Executive Summary (pdf) | casereport95_literature_review.pdf (pdf)


StreetGames is a charity set up in 2007 to help break down the barriers created by poverty and area disadvantage that prevent young people participating in sport. StreetGames works with local community organisations, sports organisations, youth clubs, schools and colleges in order to support "doorstep" sports - less formal, more participative, and more engaging physical activity, close to home and at a low or no cost to the young participants.

This kind of involvement helps young people become motivated, develop team skills, social skills, communication skills and ways of working with others in a team so that they can more easily progress both in education, in work and in their community. In these ways, StreetGames aims to combat poverty, exclusion and area disadvantage.