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Abstract for:

Physical safety and Security: Policies, spending and outcomes 2015-2020

Kerris Cooper,  Nicola Lacey,  August 2019
Paper No' SPDORP05: Full paper (pdf) | Summary (pdf)
Tags: crime; police; violence; violence against women; prisons; austerity; ethnicity; stop and search; criminal justice system


This paper sets out to evaluate the development of policy in relation to physical safety and security in the period since the Conservative Government took office in 2015. Whilst people’s physical safety and security depend on a wide range of social policies as discussed below, the remit of this paper is primarily social policies, spending and outcomes related to the criminal justice system. Other related policy areas, such as health and education, are discussed briefly here as far as the scope of the paper allows and are analysed more fully in their own right as separate papers in the SPDO research programme.