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Family ties: Womenís work and family histories and their association with incomes in later life in the UK

Tom Sefton,  Maria Evandrou,  Jane Falkingham,  December 2008
Paper No' CASE/135: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Tags: employment and income; employment and the labour market; income inequalities; tax, benefits and pensions; pensions; children, families and education; children and child poverty; older women; pensions; work history; family history; life course; retirement incomes

From Beveridge to Turner: Demography, Distribution and the Future of Pensions in the UK

John Hills,  June 2006
Paper No' CASE/110: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Tags: tax, benefits and pensions; pensions; wealth and social mobility; intergenerational and social mobility; poverty, exclusion and equalities; poverty and social exclusion; employment and income; demographic change; pensions; retirement incomes; social security