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Spatial microsimulation estimates of household income distributions in London boroughs, 2001 and 2011

Alex Fenton,  July 2016
Paper No' CASE/196: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Paper copy now out of print.
Tags: microsimulation; income estimation; poverty; spatial inequality

Labour's Record on Neighbourhood Renewal in England: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 1997-2010

Alex Fenton,  Amanda Fitzgerald,  Ruth Lupton,  October 2013
Paper No' CASE/177: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Tags: neighbourhood; regeneration; renewal; spatial; new labour

Small-area measures of income poverty

Alex Fenton,  May 2013
Paper No' SPCCWP01: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

This paper considers techniques for measuring the prevalence of income poverty within small areas, or “neighbourhoods”, in Britain.

Tags: area; small-area; small; proxy; neighbourhood; spatial; measurement; cold climate; social policy in a cold climate

Place Typologies and their Policy Applications

Ruth Lupton,  Alex Fenton,  Rebecca Tunstall,  Rich Harris,  February 2011
Paper No' CASEreport 065: Full paper (pdf)
Paper copy now out of print.

Applying these place typology tools in policy is not straightforward - in some cases there will be an appropriate existing classification, in others a bespoke approach is required. Based on consultation with analysts, empirical work and existing literature, this paper develops and test classifications and evaluates their usefulness for policy.

Tags: place; spatial; neighbourhood; locality; typologies

Ethnic Segretation in England's Schools

Simon Burgess,  Deborah Wilson,  February 2004
Paper No' CASE 079: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Tags: employment and income; wealth and social mobility; wealth and assets; children, families and education; schools and education; poverty, exclusion and equalities; equality, capabilities and human rights; housing, neighbourhoods and environment; neighbourhoods and communities; regions and area inequalities; area inequalities; england; ethnic segregation; segregation indices; schools; minority group differences; spatial income clustering