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Social Policy in a Cold Climate Research Working Paper

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Understanding the improved performance of disadvantaged pupils in London Jo Blanden, Ellen Greaves, Paul Gregg, Lindsey Macmillan and Luke Sibieta September 2015
Paper No' SPCCWP21:
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JEL Classification: I24; I28; J24

Tags: education; inequality; london; schools

When and Why do Initially High Attaining Poor Children Fall Behind? Claire Crawford, Lindsey Macmillan and Anna Vignoles
July 2015
Paper No' SPCCWP20:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: attainment; social mobility; education; secondary; primary

The Coalition's Record on Adult Social Care: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 2010-2015 Tania Burchardt, Polina Obolenskaya and Polly Vizard January 2015
Paper No' SPCCWP17:
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Education and Intergenerational Mobility: Help or Hindrance? Jo Blanden and Lindsey Macmillan
January 2014
Paper No' SPCCWP08:
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JEL Classification: J13

Tags: integenerational; income; social; mobility

Labour's Record on Health (1997-2010) Polly Vizard and Polina Obolenskaya
July 2013
Paper No' SPCCWP02:
Full Paper (pdf) | Summary (pdf)

Tags: health; health inequalities; primary care quality; adult mortality; social policy

Small-area measures of income poverty This paper considers techniques for measuring the prevalence of income poverty within small areas, or “neighbourhoods”, in Britain. Alex Fenton
May 2013
Paper No' SPCCWP01:
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Tags: area; small-area; small; proxy; neighbourhood; spatial; measurement; cold climate; social policy in a cold climate