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Social Policy in a Cold Climate


Programme overview

Click here to watch the recording of the launch event on 1st July 2013

Research reports

RR01 Labour’s Social Policy Record: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 1997-2010, Ruth Lupton, with John Hills, Kitty Stewart and Polly Vizard. Summary (pdf) Full paper (pdf)

RR02 Winners and Losers in the Crisis: The Changing Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK 2007-2010, John Hills, Jack Cunliffe, Ludovica Gambaro and Polina Obolenskaya. Summary (pdf) Full paper (pdf)

RR03 Prosperity, Poverty and Inequality in London 2000/01-2010/11, Ruth Lupton, Polly Vizard, Amanda Fitzgerald, Alex Fenton, Ludovica Gambaro and Jack Cunliffe. Summary (pdf)  Full paper (pdf)

Working paper series

WP01: Small-area Measures of Income Poverty Alex Fenton Full paper (pdf)

WP02: Labour’s Record on Health, Polly Vizard and Polina Obolenskaya. Summary (pdf)  Full paper (pdf)

WP03: Labour’s Record on Education, Ruth Lupton and Polina Obolenskaya. Summary (pdf) Full paper (pdf)

WP04: Labour’s Record on the Under 5s, Kitty Stewart. Summary (pdf)  Full paper (pdf)

WP05: Labour’s Record on on Cash Transfers, Poverty, Inequality and the Lifecycle 1997 - 2010, John Hills. Summary (pdf)  Full paper (pdf)

WP06: Labour’s Record on Neighbourhood Renewal in England, Ruth Lupton, Alex Fenton and Amanda Fitzgerald. Summary (pdf) Full paper (pdf)

WP07: Hard Times, New Directions? The Impact of Local Government Spending Cuts in London (Interim Report)  Full paper (pdf)

WP08:  Education and Intergenerational Mobility: Help or Hindrance? Jo Blanden and Lindsey Macmillan Full paper (pdf)


Research note series

RN001: A Framework for Analysing the Effects of Social Policy (pdf)

RN002: Re-visiting the conceptual framework for public/private boundaries in welfare (pdf)

RN003: Post-censal household estimates for small areas (pdf)

RN004: Urban Area and Hinterland: Defining Large Cities in England, Scotland and Wales in terms of their constituent neighbourhoods (pdf)

RN005: The Distribution of Local Government Finance by Local Authority-Level Deprivation (pdf)

RN006: Low-demand Housing and Unpopular Neighbourhoods Under Labour (pdf)

RN007: Education, Equity and Social Mobility: A Summary of Three Research Papers  (pdf)

RN08 Hard Times, New Directions? The Impact of Local Government Spending Cuts in London (Interim Report Summary) (pdf)