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Social Policy in a Cold Climate

Education Policy, Equity and Social Mobility


New Research Evidence on Social Mobility and Educational Achievement

John Hills Summary


An event held on 23rd January 2014 presented findings from three important research studies by leading education economists and sociologists, and was followed by comments from policy-makers and practitioners and a debate from the floor.  The full programme is available here and here you can find a summary of the discussion from respondents and audience

An audio recording of the event is available here

 All major political parties are now committed to reducing educational inequalities. What can they really hope to achieve, and how? To what extent will closing educational attainment gaps in schools contribute to greater social mobility in the future?

 A summary of the three research studies can be downloaded here

Presentations from the event and the full papers are available to download below:

Geoff Whitty and Jake Anders (Institute of  Education)

(How) did New Labour narrow the achievement and participation gap? 

Presentation (pdf) Full paper (pdf)

Claire Crawford (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

Socio-economic gaps in HE participation and Outcomes

Presentation (pdf) Full paper 2012 (pdf) Full paper 2013 (pdf)

Jo Blanden (University of Surrey) and Lindsey Macmillan (Institute of Education) 

Education and Intergenerational Mobility: Help or Hindrance?

Presentation (pdf) Full paper (pdf)