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Our programme includes research on: the implications for later labour market involvement of varying employment patterns of mothers with young children; work (with collaborators at Southampton University) on the relationship between work and family histories and older women’s incomes in the UK, Germany, and the USA, both funded by the Nuffield Foundation; ESRC-funded research on health, wealth and consumption in later life; research funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on time and income poverty; and our “Weak Market Cities” programme also funded by JRF. We are part of an international team producing part of the 2008 European Social Survey.

Recently started projects include research for the Nuffield Foundation on the distribution of wealth and its policy implications, and a new study of the impact of policy since 1997 on poverty, inequality and exclusion for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, extending some of our earlier research in this area (published as A More Equal Society? in 2005).

We are also developing future projects on: using attitudinal data on human rights to develop a capability list (freedoms and opportunities that are of central concern); and on wider operationalisation of Tania Burchardt and Polly Vizard’s framework for measurement of equalities in different dimensions. A pilot project, funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has already started work in this area.

As well as the ten research staff involved in these and other projects, our research associates based in LSE and other universities, and our support staff, the Centre currently houses thirteen doctoral students working on topics connected with its core areas of interest.

Our most recent Annual Report 2007 discusses recent research and lists publications and other activities during 2007.

CASE's research has always had a strong policy focus. It carries out research funded by a range of bodies, including the ESRC, charitable foundations, Government departments, and the European Commission. CASE runs two seminar series on empirical and theoretical issues connected with social exclusion; the Social Exclusion Seminar Series and the Welfare Policy and Analysis Seminar Series (which is co-organised with the Department for Work and Pensions). CASE also regularly organises special events which mark the publication of significant pieces of research or provide high-level policy forum.

The research conducted in CASE is published in books, academic journals, project reports and in a series of in-house publications, CASEpapers, CASEbriefs and CASEreports. All CASE publications are free to download from this website and hard copies are available from Jane Dickson.

CASE includes the research and consultancy group, LSE Housing.

CASE has now completed a major programme of research for the Economic and Social Research Council, more details of which can be found under the following headings:

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