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Systems Support - responsible for the integration, security and maintenance of data networks, support of servers and desktop hardware, software support and training for research and administration staff.
Nic Warner +44(0)20 7955 7432
Ben Ofori +44(0)20 7955 6973

Information Support - responsible for the production, presentation and dissemination of electronic information via the Web and other media within the Lab and outside it.
Anita Bardhan-Roy +44(0)20-7955-7796
Irina Verkhova +44(0)20-7955-7433

Data Support - responsible for the collection, storage, security and processing of datasets, including disaster recovery.
Tanvi Desai +44(0)20-7955-7740
Gordon Knowles +44(0)20-7955-7806

For more information please refer to IT Support and Data Library websites.

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