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EOPP: Economic Organisation and Public Policy Programme

Economic Organisation and Public Policy Programme (EOPP)

[photo: Maitreesh Ghatak]Maitreesh Ghatak .
Director of EOPP; Professor Department of Economics
Tel: +44 (0)20 7852 3568
Robin Burgess
Post Doctoral Researcher:
EOPP Administrator:
Ms Gisela Lafico, Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6674, Email:

About EOPP

The Economic Organisation and Public Policy Programme (EOPP) fosters theoretical and empirical research into the design, impact and determinants of public policy and organisational change. Key fields include development economics, political economy and public economics. There is strong interest within the group in identifying policies and developing institutions capable both of reducing poverty and enhancing growth. EOPP is home to a wide range of household and regional data sets which are used to evaluate key policy innovations and changes in economic organisation. Recent research has been in the following areas: media and development, decentralisation and participation, NGOs, diversification, land reforms and property rights, gender and discrimination, representative democracy, interest group politics, comparative political institutions, party formation, fiscal federalism, taxation and e-commerce and tax competition.

Seminar schedule:

Oriana Bandiera, Tim Besley, Robin Burgess and Maitreesh Ghatak run a weekly Development and Growth seminar on Mondays jointly with UCL, which has so far brought together the most exciting researchers from around the world working in the areas of development economics, growth, political economy and public policy.

EOPP also runs a weekly workshop on Tuesdays 1 -2 pm where EOPP members and visitors present Work-in-Progress. In addition we have a weekly "Happy Hour" on Fridays from 6 pm where EOPP members discuss topics of common interest over refreshments.

Discussion Papers

The programme publishes discussion papers in Economic Organisation and Public Policy (EOPP).