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Nobel Prize Winner
Angus Deaton: The real world economist

This year's Nobel prize winner in Economics was awarded to Angus Deaton, for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare.

Maitreesh Ghatak, Professor of Economics and director of EOPP at STICERD, has published a piece about Deaton's contributions to the field. According to him, the value of his work lied in hoining the techniques that go behind the construction of data series used for policy analayis. He also remarked that "there is a strong connection to India in Deatonís work, and those who know him, vouch for the fact that this bond is not just academic".

The full article is available on "The Indian Express" website.


News Posted: 19 October 2015      [Back to the Top]

Inger Munk

We are sad to announce that Inger Munk, a former PhD student in the Economics Department who was based in STICERD, died in a hiking accident on October 2nd leaving behind two young children.  Inger was always a cheery presence in STICERD and a dedicated researcher with strong interests in public policy questions.  Since leaving LSE, she became an expert in offshore wind technology and had recently started her own consulting business.  Our sympathies go to her family and friends at this difficult time.


News Posted: 05 October 2015      [Back to the Top]

British Academy 2015 prize winners:
Johannes Spinnewijn awarded Wiley Prize in Economics


At the end of September, the British Academy announced the winners of its 2015 prizes and medals.


Dr Johannes Spinnewijn, STICERD's associate and lecturer in Economics at the LSE, was awarded the Wiley Prize in Economics for academic excellence in the field of economics, in particular his research in current and topical public policy.


This annual prize, made in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell, rewards achievement in research for an outstanding early career economist. The prize is a sum of £5,000.


A full list of this year's award can be found on the British Academy website.

News Posted: 01 October 2015      [Back to the Top]

Papal Audience
Lord Nicholas Stern meets Pope Francis in special audience on the theme of environmental justice

Pope Francis addressed a meeting organised by the Sustainable Development Foundation on the theme of "Environmental justice and climate change". He received Lord Nicholas Stern, who presented him with his new book ""Why Are We Waiting?" where he argues that the effects of climante change are far worse than predicted, and that embracing change and innovation is paramount to tackling them.

The papal audience welcomed three hundred participants who were representatives of religion, politics, economic activity and scientific research in various sectors, international organisations and those involved in the fight against poverty. The meeting took place in the Vatican on 11 September 2015.

Lord Stern is a leading climate change economist and author of the landmark Stern Review in 2006. He is STICERD associate and Professor of Economics at LSE. 

News Posted: 11 September 2015      [Back to the Top]