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Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

Grantham Research Institute

The LSE India Observatory (LSE-IO) works with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment to develop research and programmes related to India on this theme.

We organised a workshop on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change on the 17th and 18th November 2008, at the India International Centre, New Delhi. This workshop brought together scholars from the UK and India to discuss ongoing research and identify themes of mutual interest and to explore the potential for developing a collaborative research agenda.

Presentations were made by scholars with different disciplinary backgrounds, including economics, political science, geography and environmental planning, on the themes of Urban Environment Sustainability; Low Carbon Technologies; Adaptation to Climate Change; and Energy Policy, Sustainability and Environmental Change.

A follow up workshop was organised at the LSE during 8-9th October 2009, in order to discuss and develop a research framework for a large-scale collaborative research programme. These workshops are supported by ESRC.

On 23rd October 2010 Professor Nicholas Stern gave the Second Jeremy Grantham Lecture on Climate Change. His talk was titled Climate Change, Overcoming Poverty and the New Industrial Revolution.

Further work of Professor Nicholas Stern on climate change can be found at Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Climate Resilient Green Growth Strategy for Karnataka 2009-2014

The project reports (including Project flyer English/Kannada, Concept note and Climate Resilience Summary Report) on climate resilient green growth strategy for Karnataka were released by Chief Minister Siddaramiah at Vidhana Soudha on 6th December 2014. This research has been undertaken by a consortium involving the LSE India Observatory (LSE-IO), Indian Institute of Science and others, through the Bangalore Climate Change Initiative - Karnataka (BCCI-K) in partnership with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

Low-carbon Sustainable Development for Karnataka

LSE-IO initiated discussions to organise a workshop in Karnataka bringing together local experts to develop a work plan for climate change in the state. We co-organised a roundtable in Bangalore on 23rd March 2009 working with Professor BK Chandrashekar, which brought together key policymakers, researchers, members of the business community, of non-governmental organisations and of media. Professor Nicholas Stern chaired the discussions and Dr Kirit Parikh, currently Chairman, Expert Group on Low-Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth, Planning Commission, Government of India, participated in the workshop.

The Bangalore Climate Change Initiative - Karnataka (BCCI-K) was developed through this roundtable and was formally launched in Bangalore on 23rd October 2010. This initiative works with the government of Karnataka for the development of low-carbon green growth for the state. The first project undertaken by BCCI-K titled Karnataka Climate Change Action Plan was submitted to the government of Karnataka in May 2011.

A subsequent workshop titled Climate Change and Karnataka: Low-carbon development path and adaptation - Twin Strategy was organised in partnership with BCCI-K in Bangalore on 26th March 2011. This workshop, supported by the Global Green Growth Initiative (GGGI), brought together various partners for the development of this programme, namely BCCI-K, Government of Karnataka, GGGI, Indian Institute of Science, C-STEP, Institute for Social and Economic Change, University of Agricultural Sciences and LSE-IO.

This consortia is currently collaborating on a project for a Green Growth, Low-Carbon and Climate Change Resilient Development for Karnataka. The focus of this proposal is on building a robust, fact-based, state-level green growth strategy that both accelerates Karnataka's own progress, and serves as a model for other Indian states. The outputs will significantly improve the depth of analyses at the state level, and will contribute to the preparation and implementation of the Karnataka State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC).

A collaborative research project between India Observatory, BCCI-K and GGGI titled Green Growth, Low-Carbon and Climate Change Resilient Development for Karnataka was launched in Bangalore on 23rd February 2013. This research contributes to public policy through helping to develop the Karnataka state action plan on climate change. Chief Secretary S.V. Ranganath and Chairman of Karnataka Legislative Council, D.H. Shankaramurthy participated in the launch and spoke of the importance of the study in addressing state-level issues resulting from climate change. LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun, Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, Dr Ruth Kattumuri and a consortia of experts participated in this event.

The LSE-IO is involved in researching the environmental and socio-economic implications i.e. co-benefits (e.g. employment, health benefits, equity benefits) of the mitigation and adaptation options developed. This research will contribute to climate resilience study and the green economy study for Karnataka.