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CASE publishes a series of discussion papers ( CASEpapers ) which are the result of the research done by members and associates of the Centre. It also publishes a series of summaries of some of this research ( CASEbriefs ). Particular conferences and activities are summarised in our occasional CASEreports series.

We also produce a series of briefs on the 2001 Census, which present findings on population, on changes in the size and distribution of minority ethnic groups, on tenure and household change and on employment change.

The US-UK comparative briefs, produced through collaboration with the Metro Program of the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C., use recent censuses and other sources from both countries to address similar issues in a comparative context.

Copies of all these publications, unless marked "out of print", are available free of charge from the Centre.

The Welfare State Programme Discussion Paper Series ( WSP ) has now been discontinued as this programme of research has been subsumed into the new ESRC Centre. We have stocks remaining of some of these old WSP papers.

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