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CASE Special Events

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Can public consensus identify a 'riches line'?
Exploring Londoners' values and opinions about higher living standards

Friday 14th February 2020.

This event marks the launch of a report on an innovative study conducted in London examining whether members of the public could identify and agree on a threshold above which a standard of living could be regarded as excessive, or harmful to wider society. Its findings contribute to current public and political debates around inequality and offer insights into how ordinary people think about high incomes, wealth and the wealthy.

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From Input to Influence:
How can the participation of people in poverty shape research and public policy?

Friday 16th November 2018.

A joint event with ATD Fourth World and Goethe University was held on Friday 16th November 2018.

This seminar explored the relationship between participatory research and participation in policymaking, using the approach of ATD Fourth World as an example.

Dr. Tania Burchardt opened the event with her thoughts on participatory research. (Read Tania's opening remarks). This was follwed by Tom Croft and Moraene Roberts who described ATD’s evolution, highlighting the ways in which people with experience of poverty can participate in research and influence policy.

Dr Rikki Dean spoke about his theoretical typology of approaches to participation as well as his empirical research with those involved in participatory policy-making to examine the many purposes and values associated with participation. (View Rikki's slides).

You can also listen to a podcast of the event

LSE-IMF Joint Workshop
Social Protection in a Changing World

Friday 2 November 2018

Read the Summary Report (PDF).

LSE and IMF jointly sponsored a workshop on 'Social Protection in a Changing World'. The workshop convened leading academics working in the field together with representatives from the IMF and the World Bank. The agenda for the day included discussions on emerging challenges, the role and design of social assistance and social insurance, the balance between universalism and targeting, and financing social protection.

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