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CASE Welfare Policy and Analysis Seminars

The economic impact of COVID-19: Ethnic and migrant divides in the UK

Yang Hu (Lancaster University)

Wednesday 07 October 2020 13:00 - 14:00

This event will take place online.

About this event

How have the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdown measures affected the economic well-being of BAME and migrant groups vis-à-vis their white, non-migrant counterparts in the UK? Analysing nationwide data from the Understanding Society COVID-19 survey, I examine intersecting ethnic and migrant divides in the economic impact of COVID-19 on people’s labour force participation, work time, income loss, and financial hardship. I explore the extent to which intersecting ethnic-migrant divides are explained by baseline vulnerabilities of BAME and migrant groups, such as mode of employment, socio-economic status, and human capital. My research reveals considerable ethnic-migrant divides in the economic impact of the pandemic, net of people’s baseline vulnerabilities. It suggests that the pandemic has exacerbated ethnic and migrant-native disparities in economic well-being. The findings underline the imperative of placing racial justice at the centre of policy developments in response to the pandemic. Registration details available soon.

These seminars are held on Wednesdays in term time at 12:45-14:00

Seminars this year will continue as in person or as hybrid (online and in person) events. Please check our website listings and Twitter feed @CASE_LSE for updates.

They are sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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