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CASE Social Exclusion Seminars

Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes (SPDO) event: Trends in Adolescent Disadvantage

Moira Wallace (London School of Economics), joint with Rana Khazbak, London School of Economics

Wednesday 18 November 2020 16:30 - 18:00

This event will take place online.

About this event

This seminar presents an overview of twenty years of significant policy change in relation to adolescent disadvantage. Part of the Nuffield Foundation funded Social Policy Distributional Outcomes programme, this research examines key spending, policy design, and outcome trends between 1997 and 2019 for the 11 -18 age group, covering school exclusion and absence; low attainment; being NEET; teenage pregnancy; alcohol use; drug use; self-harm and suicide; youth offending and youth justice; and poverty. Outcome data shows strikingly improved outcomes in most of these areas beginning during Labour’s tenure and continuing into the early years of the coalition, alongside narrowing of some socio-economic gaps. However, since then, several outcomes have shown deteriorating trends and widening inequalities. What can we learn from these data, and what are the implications for future policy?

Listen to a recording of the event:

These seminars are held on Wednesdays in term time at 16:30-18:00

Seminars this year will continue as in person or as hybrid (online and in person) events. Please check our website listings and Twitter feed @CASE_LSE for updates.

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