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Dr Kerris Cooper

Dr Kerris Cooper

Research Officer

Expertise: poverty and disadvantage, income and child development, income and adult well-being, economic hardship, maternal mental health and parenting, parenting policy and welfare reform

+44 (0)20 7955 6673


Since completing her masters degree in 2011 Kerris Cooper has been working as a researcher at the LSE. First as a qualitative analyst on the Reading the Riots research project with Professor Tim Newburn and the Guardian newspaper, and then as a researcher at CASE with Dr Kitty Stewart. Her work at CASE has focused on the effect of income on children's and adults' outcomes across a range of different domains, including mental and physical health, education and relationships.

Dr Kerris Cooper's current research interests are:

  • Poverty and disadvantage - trends, conceptualisations and measurement
  • The relationship between income and child development
  • The relationship between income and adult well-being
  • The relationship between economic hardship, maternal mental health and parenting
  • Parenting policy and welfare reform

Kerris's latest projects include: